An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

After reading “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” form a detailed analytical thesis on the theme of the work.

2) Write a minimum of 100 words on which critical perspective you are using to analyze the text. THIS IS MANDATORY ! You should include specific examples from the text to support your choice.

3) Find three peer-reviewed academic sources that you could use to support your interpretation. The databases to search include jStor, ProQuest, Literature Resource Center,etc.

4) For EACH of your three sources, you must provide:

A) An MLA-style Works Cited entry

B) A 200-word minimum evaluation and analysis of the source that answer the following questions:

Evaluation: Is the source peer-reviewed? Are there any factual errors? Is it relevant to your chosen text? What is a particularly strong quote from the source, and why would it be helpful to your research?

Analysis: How does the source relate to the critical perspective you chose in step 2? How does the source support your thesis on the theme(s) of the work of literature? What are some quotes from your work of literature that link to the arguments found in your source, and in what ways do they relate to each other?


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