Economic Concepts and Issues – 2019 Spring

ECON 2333 Economic Concepts and Issues – 2019 Spring

Midterm Exam, March 2018

Please read the following instructions. If you agree to abide by, and do abide by, the instructions, sign (input your full name and date) below and turn in with your exam. If you do not agree to abide by, or do not abide by, the instructions, do not turn in this exam. Exams without a signature will not be graded. Any violations of this agreement will be dealt with according to the University’s Academic Integrity Policy.

Instructions for Take Home Exams.

1. After beginning to read the Take Home Exam (on paper and/or online), I have sought help for this exam, or for material directly related to this exam, from no source, animate or inanimate, other than

  • my textbook for ECON2333, Spring 2019.
  • lecture notes, slides (materials on Blackboard) from ECON2333, Spring 2019.


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