Strategies for Incorporating Present Level of Performance

Strategies for Incorporating Present Level of Performance

A student in Mr. Franklin’s class, Huang Le, has been making great progress this year. Huang has a moderate disability identified as an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). He has been working on goals from the previous year’s IEP. You will find more information about Huang in this week’s Instructor Guidance. In order to successfully complete this assignment, it is highly recommended that you review the details in the Instructor Guidance.

It is almost time for the IEP committee to hold his annual meeting to assess progress and develop a new IEP. Mr. Franklin has been monitoring his progress with your assistance as the special educator over the last year. It is time to review that data to begin considering his present levels of academic achievement and functional performance (PLAAFPs). Over the next few weeks, you will be working with Mr. Franklin to assess and develop an IEP for Huang.

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After reading Huang’s most recent assessment report, including progress on his IEP goals and objectives

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