Diversity Awareness and Global perspectives

Length: 5 to 7 pages (excluding the Title and Reference pages) Due: by Sunday (midnight) of Week 7 Value: 300 Points Post: Turnitin within the Week Seven Assignments folder Focus: Diversity (PLO) and Global Cultures (ILO) During the last 7 weeks, you have explored cases and engaged in stories of diversity from around the globe. We have reviewed issues of diversity within the workplace and those on the global stage. Based on what you have learned in this course, consider your perspective regarding diversity leadership, cross-cultural communications, and cultural intelligence. Below are elements from the course that you must consider before writing your paper:  REVIEW: o Taiye Selasi’s “Don’t ask where I’m from, ask where I’m a local” (transcript) o Hetain Patel’s “Who am I? Think Again” (transcript)  CONSIDER & ANALYZE: o The Week 1 through 7 readings and Discussion Boards.

Previously reviewed perspectives and reflections, including those from Thandie Newton (“Embracing otherness, embracing myself” – transcript) and Bassam Tariq’s “Beauty and Diversity of Muslim life” (transcript). Directions: in your 5 to 7 page paper, address the following questions:  DISCUSS three critical diversity issues as discussed in this course: o Diversity Leadership: What is a diversity conscious leader? Why do you agree or disagree that being a diversity conscious leader is important to professional and organizational success? Support your analysis with 2 or more sources, and one or more specific examples. o Cross-Cultural Communication: What is cross-cultural communication? Why do you agree or disagree that leaders must communicate inclusively in a diverse and multicultural world? Support your analysis with 2 or more sources, and one or more specific examples. o Cultural Intelligence (CQ): What is CQ? What do you agree or disagree that cultural intelligence (CQ) is important to be an effective leader? Support your analysis with 2 or more sources, and one or more specific examples.  FORMULATE YOUR VIEWPOINT: Cultural and Global perspectives o Are cultural differences an important global issue in the workplace? Why or why not? o Is having a temperament is attitude a better word? Temperaments don’t change but attitudes can that is open to differing perspectives, values, beliefs and norms important for those in leadership roles? Why or why not?  REFLECTION & CONCLUSION: o How has your diversity awareness and your consciousness of global perspectives evolved during this course? In what ways? How has your recent experiences and learnings from this course challenged Cultural encapsulation in your own life??

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