Psychosocial Aspects of Sports Injury, Illness, & Rehabilitation

The following prompt is our confirmed Writing Assignment #2. It is due in class in hard copy on the date noted on the syllabus. Length is no less than 3 pages and no more than 4, 12 pt. font, double spaced. Please refer to at least two of the readings from the class to date. Please type your name and red ID number clearly on all pages, staple and number the pages. We will not require a bibliography or Works Cited page.

Please address the following prompt:

There seems to be a common thread to much of the content in the class to date and that is: there are positives and negatives to involvement in sport as these pertain to issues of health. Writers such as Simon argue philosophically against boxing as a benefit to society in any way while Young offers multiple approaches to explaining notions of risk, pain, and injury in sport. Tinley offers a more reflexive (if not conflicted) view of how over-training in endurance sports is often the result of personality traits. And Jackson takes a thoughtful jab at the institution of the NFL.

Your challenge is to consider generally, some of these as well as other ideas from the readings, lectures, personal experience, and outside research, and comment on the health costs of playing sport vs. the health benefits of playing sports. In other words, you are considering a risk/reward analysis based on what new material you have been presented with in the class to date. Feel free to discuss personal experiences or reflect on your own feelings toward sport-related injuries and illnesses that you or your associates have suffered. Please remember to involve the readings and/or lectures in a way that illustrates you have read and considered them.

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