American Politics Reading Response Guidelines

American Politics Reading Response Guidelines

Length: 500 words minimum, 1000 word maximum

Format: Single-spaced, 12pt font, 1 inch margins, no title page

Citation style: Chicago Style (find instructions here:

# of citations: You should cite the supplemental reading/podcast, your textbook, and one credible outside source (I will discuss what counts as “credible” in class)

Submission details: No hard copies will be submitted to me, all papers are to be submitted in Canvas under the “assignments” tab.  

You are only required to complete 4 out of 5 reading responses. I don’t accept a 5th paper for extra points.

A reading response should accomplish two primary things: first, it should summarize the text and second, it should evaluate that text. All supplemental readings take some sort of stance on a particular political issue or topic. More specifically, they try to explain some sort of political phenomenon. The author’s may be right, they may be wrong, they may do a poor job of shedding light on or explaining a political phenomenon, etc. In these reading responses, you will take a position and judge these authors their interpretations the political world.

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