Case Study 3 – Spine Injury

Case Study 3 – Spine Injury
Mr. G a 64 year-old was involved in a motor vehicle accident while driving his company’s truck. He is thought to have lost consciousness and ran into the side of a brick walled-building. He required extraction from his vehicle and was taken to the nearest hospital. He was found to have fractured ribs, fractured spine at L4, L5 and suffered pulmonary contusion and traumatic brain injury. His weight is 245 lbs. and his Height is 5 ft. 4 in. Two days after admission Mr. G was taken to surgery for repair or his lower back injury. Since being hospitalized, Mr. G has been diagnosed with Coronary Artery Disease. His past medical history includes, insulin dependent Diabetes, hypertension, BPH. Mr. G’s discharge plan includes discharge to SNF placement where he will be receiving PT/OT/ST. He currently uses a wheelchair with plans for ambulation with a walker. Mr. G complains of back pain and takes his narcotic pain medication every 4 hours and sooner as he complains of unbearable back pain.

Meds- Metoprolol 100 mg once a day, Lasix 20 mg once a day, Pravastatin 40 mg every evening, Byetta 10 mcg twice a day, Vicodin 2 tabs every 4 hours as needed for pain, Valium 5 mg every PM for anxiety.
A referral was sent for Case Management to plan for discharge and coordination of services for Mr. G. 
above is the scenario you need to use for the report. now I will provide you with the layout of the report needed 
Part 1: Complete the following Cost Benefit Analysis Report for the following scenario: 
The client is to be discharged from a skilled nursing care setting to home. This is a Michigan no fault auto and all reasonable and necessary cost are covered at 100%. It has already been determined the client will need a sip and puff wheelchair quoted at $17,000, a specialty bed quoted at $7,000 and ventilator supplies quoted at $500 a month from Lifestyles Equipment Company. Your assignment is to review the current costs and negotiate the lowest price for the identical equipment. Obtain two make believe quotes from two other equipment companies. You will need to estimate the case management time it would take to complete this assignment. Estimate case management time obtaining and negotiating costs to the nearest hour. You do not have to estimate any time for ordering or delivery of equipment. This assignment is specific to the cost of the equipment. Once you have identified your costs complete the following cost benefit analysis form.

Cost Benefit Analysis Form
Report Date: March 9, 2018
Re: Joe Smith
File #: 12345
Carrier: American Insurance Co. (No Fault Auto Carrier)
Date of Referral: January 5, 2018
Total Weeks of Case Management: Four Weeks
Diagnosis: C4 Tetraplegia, TBI on a ventilator
Case Management Fees:
Summary of Interventions: (Companies contacted, prices negotiated)
Avoidance of Potential Charges: (These are the individual charges that would have been incurred if you had paid the highest price)
Total of Potential Charges: (This is the total amount of Potential Charges)
Total of actual costs: (Includes the actual cost negotiated and paid)
Gross Savings: (These are the avoided potential charges minus the actual charges
Net Savings: (These are the gross savings minus case management fees)

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