foreign language requirements

Based on the articles about foreign language requirements

  • Read each article carefully.
  • Identify the thesis of each one and the main points used to prove that claim. (5 points)
    • Put brackets around the thesis [ ].
    • Underline the main points.
  • Analyze and evaluate the specific information given to support those main ideas using the key terms: relevant, sufficient, representative. Refer to the handout “Assessing Evidence” on Canvas (under Modules/Literature Review)
    • Write up your findings in a few paragraphs to be turned in with the marked reading. (15 points)
  • Be prepared for a quick quiz and class discussion. (5 points}

The assignment is worth 25 points (a significant part of the “other” category that makes up 5% of your grade.)

This type of evaluation will be required in the final draft of your paper.

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