Why Climate Change is an Ethical Dilemma

Use the course readings from both Project One and Project Two to make an argument that addresses the following question: Given the various obstacles to effective climate action and the various stakeholders invested in this conversation, what ethical principle(s) will help us responsibly and effectively address climate change? What are the benefits of adhering to these principles? What are the costs? Given both the benefits and the cost, why does this principle promise the best path forward? In addressing these questions, you must state a claim of your own and defend it. You can take any position you wish to take as long as you have sufficient evidence in our course readings to explore and defend your claim.

Select at least four texts from our course reader that will allow you to make a claim that meets the “So what?” challenge. You must use readings from Projects One and Two. A successful essay will have a scope that is neither too big nor too small; it will frame a question that contributes to the conversation constituted by the course readings; it will offer a clear claim as a way of entering the conversation; it will support that claim with argument points and evidence; and it will accomplish all of this following the principles of good paragraphs and sentences. While the Summary & Synthesis essay contained only a guiding or “umbrella” question, this Argument essay will make an argument in defense of a claim. 4-5 pages. 
These are the sources: 
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<link is hidden>

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Baker, Beth. “Politicizing Science: What Is the Role of Biologists in a Hyperpartisan World?” 
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I also already have my draft, but it is too weak
It is also really important to have a unique motivation question and a claim in the introduction.

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