Red Tape?

This are the topics to cover: 
Please include brief examples. 

Red Tape? In the organizational contexts, please explain what is meant by red tape. Why is it important for us to understand what it is and how it affects organizations and the public? What are some theories behind its existence?

Strategic planning is a tool used by many government and nonprofit officials to bring about desired results what is strategic planning and why is it used in many public agencies? What are the benefits of conducting strategic planning in public and nonprofit agencies? What are some of the challenges in implementing strategic planning? 

Leadership and management – are they the same thing? What is the linkage, if any?
Between effective leadership and organizational culture? Or are they the same thing? Be sure to fully explain the concepts of organizational culture, leadership and management. Then, connect your discussion to current concerns in public agencies including the responsibility of public leaders and managers to be accountable to stakeholders for the effectiveness of public services and for upholding ethics within their organization

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