Sport Tourism

 Course code: MSM 611

Journal Article Review 1


For the journal article you select to review, please address the questions and prompts aligned with each article in brief discussion with the class and follow up with a formal, written submission (see grading rubric).


Schnitzer, M., Schlemmer, P., & Kristiansen, E. (2017). Youth multi-sport events in Austria: tourism strategy or just coincidence. Journal of Sport & Tourism, 21(3), 177-199, DOI: 10.1080/14775085.2017.1300102.

  1. Provide a short overview of the article.
  2. Evaluate the methodology and approach taken by the author.
  3. Discuss the main findings of the study in relation to hosting these youth sport events in Austria from a tourism and legacy perspective?
  4. Based on the learnings from this study, develop a set of recommendations for a destination wanting to capitalize on youth sport tourism in the Asian region? Justify your response.
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