The employee grooming enhances effective management and organization reputation

The topic is relevance to study stream in Human Resources management. 
•A good topic should fulfill the following criteria:
• Interesting and appealing to both scholars and practitioners in related business disciplines;
• Feasible and practicable implication for project investigation / implementation.

This research proposal should have the following elements.
Project Proposal
1) Objectives of the Study (Identify the weakness of others’ relevance study, brings out the contribution of our research
2) Explain and identify the moderator, independent variable, dependent variable. Also, the relations of each hypothesis.
3) Background/Theoretical model/Company issues to be used for the study 
4) Significance/Expected contribution of the study
5) Information to be collected (what and how)
6) References (not included in word count)

Revise the current title by using noun phrase. May take some journals for reference.
Theories/existing research/weakness of the existing research/contribution should be discussed.
Be an academic paper.

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