What are the causes and effects of autism

Summarizing the main idea: – Present the most recent published studies as possible. (0.5 mark) – Information in the resource must be directly relevant to the research topic. (0.5 mark) – Clearly explain the main idea in the resource, showing awareness of the most important and relevant information with a minimum of 200 words. (2 marks) – Good abstracting considering language and writing style. (1 mark) Total (4 marks)
Student’s Critical Response (opinion with reasoning): A student writes his/her stance to the writer’s ideas (i.e. agreeing/disagreeing) providing a justified and comprehensive evidence, with a minimum of 100 words. Total (2 marks)
  Resources and evidences: Evidencessupporting students stance and citation, within 100 words Total (2 marks)
    Conclusions, relevant findings and lessons learnt: Explains the most important conclusions and lessons learnt from the essay with a minimum of 50 words. Total (1.5 marks)
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