A plan to organize a protest or to start a movement

A plan to organize a protest or to start a movement (20%). 

  • Outline a specific plan to stage a protest event (location, date, claims, and so on). An example, organize federal workers against the showdown (slogan: “work and bread.”)
  • Or a specific plan to start a new movement. For example, an imagined project in mind if I am asked to write a paper like this would be a national signature campaign to add female bathroom stalls in public facilities such as theaters. The best hopeful outcome would be a new law by the Congress. Another example would be to start an organization to arrange school field trips from Irvine elementary schools to San Joaquin Valley to learn about immigrant farm workers’ work and life.
  • The paper may consist of three main parts.
    • The Goals: State your goals (e.g., large turnout, effectively in affecting policies, and so on) and
    • The Plan: how you accomplish them
    • The Justification: Use knowledge learned from the class as the guide. It is advisable to specifically cite authors, theories and/or examples from the readings and lectures.
  • Group work is encouraged. A group should not be more than three people.
  • Length: 4 pages minimum, double space, if an individual project; 6 if a group project.
  • Submit a clean hardcopy. For a group project, also submit an electronic version that used track-change history. It is used to assess each group member’s contribution to the writing process. The group may also hand in a short memo documenting other aspects of the cooperation.
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