Crisis Intervention in the Interview

Crisis Intervention in the Interview

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Crisis triage is an essential skill in counseling. This assignment will allow you to practice a specific model of crisis evaluation and triage so you will be better prepared to handle similar situations as a counselor.

Review the 5-Step Evaluation and Triage model, located on the SAMHSA website.

Review the Case Vignettes.

Choose 1 vignette to use for this assignment. 

Chosen Case Vignette: A 23-year-old white male, who was self-referred, bought a gun 2 months ago to kill himself and claims to have the gun and 4 shells in his car. Police found the gun but no shells. The ppatient reports having planned the time and place to commit suicide several times in the past, stating he cannot live anymore with his emotional pain since his wife left him 3 years ago. This pain has increased during the last week, but the patient cannot pinpoint any precipitant. The patient has a history of chemical dependency, but has been sober for 20 months and currently attends AA.

Complete a risk assessment using the 5-step evaluation and triage model on the SAMHSA website.

Write a 350-word summary to indicate the determined risk level and explain how that risk level was decided upon.

Format your summary according to APA guidelines.

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