Film Genres

Film Genres

Choose a movie that you have viewed in the past and can re-watch to complete the below worksheet.

Answer the following questions regarding the movie. Refer to your course readings to support your answers. Fill in this sheet, save it, and submit it in the Assignments section for this week.

Part I: Examining Narrative

Answer each question in 50 to 75 words (400 words total minimum for the assignment).

Questions Answers
– What is the title of the film you evaluated? – Film titles must be properly formatted and cited. See “Film Title and Citation Format” under Recommended Learning Activities in Week 1 for reference. – 50 word minimum does not apply to this question.  
What is the story/plot of your film?        
Who are two primary characters? Provide a description of them.      
Discuss what you believe the audience’s expectations were for the film?      
What kind of sense of time does the film create?      
How does the film create a sense of space, or what kid of space is used in the film. Does it feel tight or cramped, open?    
How would you characterize the perspective of the film?      

Part II: A Look at Genres

Answer each question in 50 to 75 words.

Questions Answers
In what primary genre does your film belong? What are the conventions of that genre?      
What other genres might appear as sub-genres in your film. Please explain      
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