Rhetorical Analysis

A) Introduction: The first paragraph should introduce the article (title, author), give a brief overview of the piece in a few sentences, state the thesis of the article and the purpose of the article, and then state your own thesis regarding the effectiveness of the article, or your overall assessment of it. Your thesis should be worded to reveal your position to readers before they begin reading your paper. (about 1/8 of the paper)

B) Summary: The second paragraph should summarize the article. Do not write anything evaluative or subjective at this point. Your purpose is to give a fair and accurate summary of the intent and main points of the work. (about 1/8 of the paper)

C) Analysis: For the next several paragraphs (at least ½ or more of the paper), you write your analysis of the article, where you assess the writer’s argument effectiveness, their language and their evidence. Focus on those aspects that best support your position. You can particularly focus on such issues as:

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