Social Workers Within Poverty

Annotated Bibliography/Literature Review Grading Rubric

The following grading rubric is for the annotated bibliography, literature review rough draft, and literature review final draft. The three assignments are meant to work together and build toward the final literature review.

Annotated Bibliography

Pick four articles or books on a specific topic. Please email the instructor ( to approve the topic before you submit the bibliography. Read each article and write a full APA style citation and summary of the article using annotated bibliography format. You may find a sample annotated bibliography here: You may also find a suggestions for how to write an annotated bibliography here:

The annotated bibliography will be graded as follows:

Four articles chosen are about one topic and related to social work. 1 point
Citations for the articles are in correct APA style 2 points
Summaries of the four articles are well-written with proper spelling and grammar and address the main findings/points made in the articles. 2 points

Literature Review

Use the four books/articles that you found for your annotated bibliography as well as other resources as needed to write a literature review on your chosen topic. Cover the following topics in your literature review. Hint: consider using the topics below as headings. Your literature review should be 5-8 pages.

Introduction: Write an introduction to your paper with a strong thesis statement.

Review of Research: What does the research tell us about this topic? What are the findings of studies?

Treatment Approaches: What treatment approaches, programs, or interventions are effective in addressing the problem you have chosen?

Implications for the Future & Conclusion: What are the implications of findings of research and what we know about treatment for social workers in the future? What is your conclusion?

The paper will be graded as follows:

  Draft Version Final Version
Introduction: Paper has a strong introduction with a thesis statement. 1 point 1.5 points
Review of Research: Paper has clear information about findings of the research on this topic. 2 points 3 points
Treatment Approaches: Paper indicates that student clearly understood the current treatment approaches 2 points 3 points
Implications & Conclusions: Paper indicates critical thinking about the future of social work and conclusions. 2 points 3 points
Proper Spelling & Grammar: Paper is free of grammar and spelling mistakes 1 point 1.5 points
APA style: The paper uses proper APA style in text citations and proper APA style in the reference list at the end. 1 point 1.5 points
Organization: Paper is well-organized, easy to follow with a title page in APA style and headings in APA style. 1 point 1.5 points
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