What are the “pro” arguments for implementing quarantines?

Quarantine is sometimes used to contain or minimize exposure to potential infectious disease outbreaks. Such mechanisms can be both legally and morally controversial.

1) Access your state’s quarantine authority and penalties on the link below:


2) Then read the AP news article on NY and NJ quarantine orders for Ebola in 2014 


3) Watch the You Tube video entitled “Governor Christie: I did not reverse any decision” on the link below-


Then consider the following questions in your assignment response:

1. What are the “pro” arguments for implementing quarantines?

2. What are the arguments against its use?

3. What factors should Public Health officials consider when implementing quarantine, especially related to: 

 penalties, monitoring methods, places for quarantine, meeting the needs of those quarantined  and possible impacts    especially social stigma

4. What type planning in advance of the use of quarantine measures, should public health engage in?

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