advertisement for a job

For this assignment you need to:

  • Find an advertisement for a job.  This can be a job you are hoping to apply for soon, or the kind of job you would be applying for once you finish your degree / training.  It is easier to choose a job you qualify for now, since your resume information more likely already fits the qualifications.  However, it’s fine to do it either way.  You will need to send me a link to this ad or a picture of it with your cover letter document submission when it is due.  If you do not provide the job ad with the cover letter, the assignment will be considered late until I get it.
  • Write a resume, using one of the formats presented in your textbook.  Chronological order is the most used style, but if you have had a long break from working or you are switching to a different career field, another layout might work better for you.  This is completely your decision.  Do not use resume templates in MS Word.

Write a cover letter that is specific to the job ad you are providing me with.  You need to get the name of the person you would apply to, company name, and address for your cover letter.  Use the textbook information on writing business letters to help you with the format.  Again, there will also be samples posted in the folder for you to

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