Janice saw an ad on TV advertising perfume

Written Assignment #1

1.  Define the following terms: (2 points each)

a)  Brand advertising—

b)  Deceptive advertising—

c)  Puffery—

d)  Comparative advertising

e)  Persuasive advertising—

2.  Are brand name products always better quality? Why do they cost more than store brands? (4 points)

3.  Name three ways that you affect others when you waste natural resources?(6 points)

4.  Now read the following scenarios and answer the questions (15 points each):

Sandy has $30 and is shopping at a large mall with friends.  Of course, there are numerous options from which to choose and many items she would like to buy.  Sandy needs a new backpack to carry books next semester.  She has an old pair of jeans and there is a sale on jeans at one of the stores. Using the Rational Buying Decision Making Process from the text, suggest to Sandy what her rational buying decision should be and how to arrive at it.

5.  Janice saw an ad on TV advertising perfume.  The ad showed a woman walking into a crowded room wearing the perfume being advertised and everyone gathered around the woman.  Janice bought the perfume, wore it to a party, and was very disappointed when everyone did not flock to her.  Which type of advertising caused Janice to buy the perfume?

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