Case Method Research and Application

Case Method Research and Application :

The professor will utilize case studies for discussion in class. Each case will illustrate and discuss important organizational leadership issues. In developing the case for class discussion, the students, who will work in teams, will draw upon class discussions, research materials, and readings, including the assigned case in the Futurescan 2018 text. These small groups will analyze and present the case in a screencast and then pose relevant questions for further class discussions.

The Process
The instructor will create teams of 2-3 colleagues and assign them their presentation week, the topic, and specific questions to address. He or she will post the team rosters in the Announcements section early in the first week. 

Each team will divide responsibilities and coordinate tasks for researching, outlining, creating, and uploading a screencast presentation for their assign
The non-presenting groups will view the screencasts and make note of the discussion questions posed at the end. The responding groups will then choose at least two discussion questions to answer. The groups will submit a single response video or screencast by 11:55 pm Sunday of the current week.

Both the presenting and the non-presenting groups will be graded on their contributions to this class activity.
Presenting groups will be graded according to the Case Study Presentation Rubric.
Non-presenting groups will be graded according to the Case Study Discussion Rubric.
Note that both rubrics reserve substantial points for critical engagement.
Specific Requirements
The Screencast Presentation will have two main components:
The Presentation
In the screencast, the presenters should identify the key issues of the case. This should be a very focused and short list, but in the presentation you should demonstrate your collective ability to
Analyze the relevant issues (especially those raised in class readings);
Apply course concepts correctly;
Evaluate a professional or scholarly perspective about the topic;
Think critically about the case, the course concepts, and/or relevant research;
Prepare a written case analysis.
The presentation should also summarize relevant conclusions and facts before presenting the discussion questions. There is no length requirement, but please keep the maximum upload amount (10 MB) in mind as you create your screencast.
Discussion Questions
The presenting team will also develop at least four questions to facilitate class discussion and further analysis of issues in the case study. Each of these questions might have a brief comment on its relevance, importance, or relation with other questions or issues explored by this or other cases presented so far. Questions can be designed to
Develop a different perspective on that particular issue;
Connect the issue to previously covered topics;
Explore relevant concerns, questions, and/or topics not yet addressed in research, class readings, or class discussions;
Identify knowledge gaps and propose steps for filling them;
Identify and critique problematic assumptions about the topic.

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