Case Study- Pricing in Merchandising

MPSR 656 – Retail Merchandise Management

Assignment 2- Case Study- Pricing in Merchandising


1. Read Case Study #1, page 125 of your text, named “Pricing in Merchandising”.

2. Answer a, b and c.  Prepare a chart that shows projected sales, inventory and weeks of supply in units for Nov 1st.

3. Substantiate your evaluation and answers with specific numbers and mathematical reasoning.


1. A written response to a, b and c in essay format with the numerical calculations on repricing to support the answers.

2. Use the textbook for correct formulas. Projected sales can be based on current selling trends.

3. If you quote, paraphrase or summarize information from resources, it must be cited in text in APA format.

3. All written assignments should be in Microsoft Word format.  All written assignments should be typed in a minimum of 11 point font, double spaced and in essay format unless otherwise stated.  Include an introduction, body and conclusion and citation where needed including a reference list. No bullet points, no first person or single paragraph assignments will be accepted.

4.  The charts must be typed in a chart format. The written part of the assignment should be a minimum of one page.

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