“Geographies of Religion”

1) Readthe transcript, of the “Geographies of Religion” lecture, which you’ll find in the Week 10 Module in the Content section of this site. While listening/reading, write down responses to the questions/prompts that I pose over the course of the lecture. 

Note: It is essential that you listen to the audio of the lecture, or read the transcript, in order to know which questions you need to respond to. It is impossible to complete the assignment simply by reading the text on the PowerPoint slides. 

2) Article Assignments
Find an article which connects to this week’s required reading (“The New City Confronts the Old World,” by Doug Saunders, which you will find in the Week 10 Module in the Content section of this site). 

Make an effort to find an article that is interesting to you, and that complements or expands upon what you’ve learned in the reading. The best approach to finding a good article is to ask yourself what you found most interesting about the reading, and/or what you’d like to learn more about, and searching for online articles on that basis. 

Once you’ve found your article, post a link to it here. Along with the link, you should post: a brief summary of the article, and an explanation of why you found it interesting and how it connects to the course reading. 

After doing this, read an article posted by a classmate (actually click on the link & read the article, as opposed to simply reading their summary), and post a substantive comment on it. “Substantive” means that your post reflects the fact that you took the time to read the article, not just your classmate’s summary of it.

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