Homesickness for college students and international students

requirements: The topic for a research paper ( homesickness for college students and international students) This is a solution paper, It needs to be 6  pages long + works cited page( all from university database scholar) .research to present your opinion about how to solve a real-world problem in a persuasive and responsible manner. Your paper will respond to objections to your solution by presenting evidence from a variety of sources, and by considering the readers’ needs. Your goal is to change the mind of an open-minded, but initially disagreeing, reader that your solution is the best way forward, and that they should act on your solution.  You will need to be writing to a specific audience as part of this (college students) – the people who can make something happen.  Most of the paper will be about the solution rather than about the problem. The most important of the criteria is that you are interested in and care about the topic. this is what I have in mind.

Summary of my research idea. 

The problem is homesickness.  Homesickness happens to many students usually in their first year of college because of being far away from home, and also when experiencing a new culture. Homesickness can impact students who move from a city to another city but still in the same country differently than international students. As I write my research I might focus more on international students. The problem in homesickness situation that it impacts students’ grades, and also some students tend to withdrawal which might affect their future life or their last chance of getting a degree. To avoid dropping classes or having lower grades, students with homesickness can learn the ways of how to control the situation. What if we can make sure that each student who study abroad know about homesickness and how it can get so bad which they might experience? Or what if we educate people in universities who to deal with students when they experience homesickness. As homesickness can change a person future, so it is a real problem that we have to solve by educating as many people as we can to make sure that people who go through homesickness have a bright future as they dream of. My audience for my research is international college students. I want to be able to persuade all university community that we all can make a difference when it comes to students with homesickness. I am writing to professors in universities, and also the students. The audience background would be difficult to know in my topic because of diversity, but my audience all are interested in studying and trying to reach a goal. My audience some might be familiar with the topic but not taking it seriously, or know about the topic but they have no idea about how to control homesickness or manage it. I already experience in homesickness for a long time and have friends who struggle from homesickness so my audience would know that the topic really matters to me. I want students who decided to study abroad to have what they come for and not to ruin their future. I am going to find resources for the university library database so I can collect as much beneficial information as I can

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