Researching An Anti-Virus Software Product

Unit 3 Lab 1

Researching an Anti-Virus Software Product


  • Research an Anti-Virus software package that meets the requirements for a small business.


You have been asked to recommend an Anti-Virus software package for a small business. The business is concerned about viruses and malware, because it has been a problem in the past. The customer also wants to be able to centrally manage the Anti-Virus solution. The customer would like to have all Anti-Virus alerting viewable in one location, and would like to receive e-mail alerts when an infection has occurred.

Step 1: Identify three products

Using the Internet, research products from three different companies that meet the requirements of the small business. Include URL you used to find each Anti-Virus software package.  The Anti-Virus product needs to include the following features:

Anti-Virus Company Anti-Virus Product (software name and version) URL

Step 2: Compare pricing

Now that you have identified three different products that meet the requirements of the customer, compare the pricing. The business has 27 workstations and 3 servers. Be sure to account for licensing of all the computer systems to generate the overall price. Examine the cost and show all itemized components that comprise the overall price.  Make sure you meet the company’s Anti-Virus needs- it must support the features mentioned above, but cost is always important as well.  In this scenario, both are equally important, so make sure you do a good job researching these Anti-Virus companies for not only features but cost as well.  Break down the price in the Price column showing exactly what the company will have to pay to support their 27 workstations and 3 servers. 

Anti-Virus Company/Product Itemized Pricing URL
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