special education teacher at a K-5 elementary school

It is vital that special education teachers understand the process   for identifying individuals with disabilities and involve general   education teachers, special education teachers, administration,   parents, and other experts. The most valuable part of this process is   collecting and analyzing data through the Response to Intervention   (RTI) or Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) processes. Teachers   will need to understand these processes, know how to follow the   processes, and be able to articulate the processes to other stakeholders.

For this assignment, take on the role of a special education teacher   at a K-5 elementary school. Your principal has asked you to prepare a   presentation to inform new general education teachers about the basics   of special education identification and referral, evaluation, and   eligibility for individuals with disabilities.

Create a 10-15 slide digital presentation on the topic of special   education referral, evaluation, and placement procedures.

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