The essay is supposed to be a critique of the movie: World War Z

The essay is supposed to be a critique of the movie: World War Z, not an analysis. Write the essay as if you’re critiquing the movie. Make judgements, not analysis. Mention it’s genre(s) and how the genre(s) make up the movie, how good (or bad) the film is and why. Talk about the movie itself rather than the zombies. Use 3 sources to support your claim (it could be other critiques from other people, other movies or shows you use to compare WWZ to, etc) and cite the sources. You’ll need to revise big chunks of the essay, because most of the essay is analysis about the zombies rather than a critique of the movie. 

1. Because you say the movie is good, show more enthusiasm in the introduction when talking about it
2. Show that the movie is an action-thriller movie (throughout the essay)
3. Make your thesis more clear and direct(in the introduction)- it’s supposed to be about the following body paragraphs (have a clear position) 
4. Explain why the movie is good or bad throughout the essay (basically critique it and write your own review about it) 
5. Condense unnecessary lengthy sentences 
6. Use more transition words throughout the essay to make the paragraphs less harsh 
7. Use specific examples when talking about a part of the movie 
8. Introduce the director of the film in the introduction
9. Introduce Brad Pitt, the protagonist, when talking about him 
10. Use specific comparisons to movies in the same genre to prove your point

14 Mar 2019 07:03

Introduction paragraph:
1. In the first sentence “the film world war z is an …” is too wordy, pleasd shorten and rephrase
2. The second sentence is too wordy and doesn’t flow well, add commas or separate the sentences to smaller sentences
3. You unnecessarily repeated “the human race” twice in the second sentence, remove the second “the human race” and rephrase it
4. In the second sentence, using “by” instead of “but” when saying “feast on the human race by they also <link is hidden>” is grammatically incorrect. Use “but” instead of “by”, and add commas where necessary
5. Sentences 3 and 4 can be combined to make the essay flow better, please rephrase it

Body paragraph 1:
1. Add transitions to make the paragraphs flow better 
2. Make sure the body paragraphs supports the thesis statement*** this is very important! 
3. The word “zombies” should not have the capital letter Z

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