When was the Electoral College created and why

Submit your topic for your research paper. In responding to your classmates, provide specific feedback and suggestions.

classmates Post #1: For the topic selection my thesis paper will be addressing the question of the Electoral College and some questions associated with the functionality of the electoral college.  Some of the question that will be asked, and I will attempt to answer is as follows:

  1. When was the Electoral College created and why?
  2. How did the Electoral College work originally?
  3. Who came up with the Electoral College?
  4. Why does the Electoral College work?
  5. Is the Electoral College still relevant?

classmates Post #2: for my thesis paper im choosing the topic, “the death penalty”, this is something I have been very interested in for a while now. I am someone who has believed in the death penalty, but I want to explore more into the subject and do more research on it. I want to answer the questions on how it started, more about the electric chair to the injection and how it changed over time. Most importantly I want to answer the question as to why it is being banned from many states throughout the recent years. I hope this will give not just myself but you my fellow classmates more insight into this subject.

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