Create a paper that addresses:

An overview of the organization, a description of what care or services they are known for, and the data that is available to evidence the success of their quality/patient safety efforts;

Identification of the top four practices in the organization that have contributed to their creation of a “culture of excellence”. A description should be provided for each of these practices with examples for how they have contributed to the organization’s success.

Identification of the one practice that you believe is most valuable to the success of the organization, which you would like to experience in your own organization; or, would like to put into place as a future health care leader.

Lastly, you will identify the lessons you have learned, from a leadership standpoint, from your research.

************MUST HAVE AN OUTLINE FOR PAPER***************

************The paper will be 1250 words long, must use APA formatting.***********

************ALL CONTENT MUST BE PROPERLY CITED************

Part B

Once the paper is complete, the you will create a power point presentation of a minimum of 10 slides that provides a summary of your paper and the key concepts covered. 

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