identify two key emotional intelligence-building activities

examine your own actions and decisions as a leader via the same ethical paradigm; and

c.) identify two key emotional intelligence-building activities (from the Lynn, 2000 attachment) that you recommend be utilized to buildethical and emotional intelligence in all organizational leaders, en route to overall enhanced organizational ethics.

Please remember that this is a scholarly paper, and not an opportunity to vent about poor/unethical decisions your organization or its highest-level leaders have made. Your opinion is influential, but only so far as you have factual information and scholarly theories/research to inform your critique/evaluation. It should be written in current APA style utilizing the provided APA submission Word.doc Template—Specific for Paper Two—for completion. You should utilize the “level III newspaper-headline style headings” at the beginning of paragraphs with new topics (see template). Your textbooks from MHSA6185 and MHSA6186 will likely suffice for scholarly support, along with the supplemental Lynn (2000) 50 Activities for Developing Emotional Intelligence document, although you are welcome to integrate additional scholarly material if desired.

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