Puffing Your Resume: Truth or Dare

Module 1

1) Case Study: 1.14 “Puffing Your Resume: Truth or Dare” page 39

Module 2

2) Discuss why Goldman Sachs was a disciple of Albert Carr’s theory of “business is a poker game and we are all bluffing.”

3) Case Study: 2.12 “Deflategate and Spygate: The New England Patriots” –page 108

Module 3

4) Using the Major League Baseball (MLB) steroids case as an example, explain how unethical choices by some players harms players who comply with the rules.

5) Case Study: 3.19 “ Ashley Madison: The Affair Website” – page 177

Module 4

6) How would you describe the factors that determine the ethical tone at the top?

7) Case Study: 4.4 “Swiping Oreos at Work: Is it a Big Deal?” –page 199

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