Resistance Recognition and Management

Scenario: You have been asked by the State Corrections Office to implement a reform program in the local Juvenile Corrections Facility. The head of the facility is Louis Jackson, an African-Americana corrections officer who has risen in the ranks from being a Prison Guard, and through in-service training and a good work record has reached the position of warden. Mr. Jackson realizes that his facility needs help in reducing recidivism and violence inside the center, especially in recognizing the roots of the violence. He senses that the problem lies in the mental health of the staff and inmates, and perhaps in the way they relate to each other. Many members of his staff think that Mr. Jackson is taking a too soft approach and what is needed is stronger penalties and stricter enforcement of existing rules.

In a paper, determine the type of resistance you can anticipate from the Warden, the Prison Staff, the Guards, and the Inmates themselves to your change program. Explain how you would deal with the resistance, and to what degree you would expect to be successful in doing so. Consider your own racial background (Black/African American) and any impact this may have on the situation.

**Use section headings that directly relate to the expectations of the assignment**
** Be certain to include at least one citation in the Introduction section.
**Use only peer-reviewed journals in the past five years.

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