sworn police position

During this module, we saw a number of issues that were raised that caused suspicion, however, only the suspended driver’s license issue was the main problem. This should have been caught by the department before an individual was hired. When reporting your findings to the Chief of Police, you’ll also want to give reasoning for why it is so important to be comprehensive in a background check.

For this assignment identify the importance for a complete background investigation to be conducted on a candidate for a sworn police position. Indicate what problems are associated with not doing various tasks. Also identify the various computer generated reports that can be used to support the investigation.

The assignment must be in APA format, contain 1200 or more words, be in APA format, have a Cover-Page, Abstract, Discussion, Conclusion and References, and contain four (4) references. Submit to the assignment folder no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT

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