What are the primary emphases of probation supervision?

Question 1

  • How are evidence-based practices implemented?
  • Do evidence-based practices help to reduce risk and recidivism? Explain your response.

Question 2

  • What factors should be considered when issuing a sentence of probation? Summarize why these factors are important. 
  • Is a probation sentence always fair? Explain your answer. 
  • Does a probation sentence help lower recidivism? 

Question 3

  • Do you have ideas for treatment programs to lower recidivism aside from the educational, rehabilitative, and work programs discussed this week? 
  • Would it be beneficial for inmates or offenders to choose multiple treatment programs for themselves? Explain your answer.

Question 4

  • Define probation.
  • In what situations might a judge award probation as a sentence?
  • In what situations may a person be placed on probation after being imprisoned?

Question 5

  • What are the benefits of the prison work program discussed in the video?
  • What factors might determine whether more prison work programs are developed? 
  • Should limitations apply regarding which inmates or offenders are eligible for prison work programs? Explain your answer.

Question 6

  • What is an in-house education program? 
  • What challenges might prison education programs face in educating inmates or offenders? 
  • What special skills or traits might an instructor working with prison populations need to possess? 
  • Do you think inmates or offenders are open to the idea of in-house education? Explain your response. 
  • Do you think prison education programs help to lower recidivism?

Question 7

  • Why do you think Sheridan Correctional Center’s rehabilitation program does not allow for murderers or sex offenders?
  • How does the rehabilitation program help inmatesor offenders to prepare for life outside of prison? 
  • How important is the inmates or offenders dedication to the rehabilitation program in reaching the desired outcome? 
  • Do you foresee the expansion of rehabilitation programs such as the one at Sheridan Correctional Center?

Question 8

What are the primary emphases of probation supervision?

Describe the philosophy of the broken-windows approach to the operation of probation.

How did the Martinson findings of “nothing works” influence the use of parole and the medical model? 

How might evidence-based practices support or refute Martinson’s findings? 

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