Describe Rachel at 18 using 2 of the following theories as justification for your argument. Moral Development, Antisocial Behaviour, Parenting

This paper is a 1500 word essay.

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You must respond to the case study using 2 theories (please use antisocial behavior and parenting) while using references to support your claims and theories. (Please extract references from reliable sources like journals, pubmed, google scholar, <link is hidden> /> 
Given the case study, you must answer and use evidence to follow the instruction of the subject of the case study.
This means, you need to use antisocial behavior theories and parenting theories to give a response about Rachel and her conditions. 

Rachel is 13 and has just been excluded from school. She was excluded for setting fire to a bin that was close enough to the school to have caused damage. From an early age she showed behavioural problems, in primary school she was often defiant, angry and was regularly suspended for fighting with her peers. She was placed on an at risk list with social services due to the abusive nature of her father who had since been incarcerated for armed robbery. When questioned she seemed to have a clear understanding that her behaviour was against the rules but she showed little concern regarding this. Often when she would get into trouble the school would call her mother who would pick her up. Her mother did not seem particularly bothered that Rachel was in trouble again, staring blankly out of the window during meetings. At home Rachel was often left to her own devices and was responsible for feeding herself, doing her laundry and getting to bed as her mother worked long hours and was struggling with alcoholism when she was in the home. 
*** Describe Rachel at 18 using 2 of the following theories as justification for your argument. 
Moral Development, Antisocial Behaviour, Parenting ***

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