Preparedness for terrorism and disasters for the 2022 world cup

Structure: Introduction, Scope (Aim) with risk matrix table, Risk analysis should include Training, Timing, Detailed costs for each hazard (Terrorist, fire hazard, hotels, floating hotels, road accidents, crimes, hooliganism, disease outbreak, sandstorms, natural disasters related to weather in Qatar). Give example on similar any hazard with global competition from history. Delivery mechanism should describe how PPE will delivered to people on Qatar, when, quantity of equipment needed, and distribution locations (for example: in airport, hotels, <link is hidden> /> strategy: same way as in attached document 1 . Conclusion: to cover a clear summary of potential hazards in the essay, proposals and a brief description of the results given. Recommendations to be in Table as in attached document 1. References from 50 sources or more using the microsoft word style for references at Tools bar ( use books, journals, magazines, national library and other sources. Appendices. kindly follow Document 1 design, and other useful information in document 2.

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