Project is to reduce patient falls while toileting

The paper will be written to: Project is to reduce patient falls while toileting. The setting is a 25-bed med-surgical telemetry unit. The project will be conducted at 1 Hospital. The tool to be used to determine if the patient is at risk of falling is the Morse Falls Scale. The intervention will be “No patient left alone while toileting.” The review must be written to this project.
Use the “DPI Proposal Template” and the Develop a Literature Review assignment from DNP-820 to develop a draft of a literature review (Chapter 2) for your DPI Project Proposal. The literature review (Chapter 2) is required to be a minimum of 30 pages. You have already completed some of this review in previous courses. No less than 85% of the articles must have been published in the past 5 years. Articles selected must further provide strong, relatable support for the proposal.
Use the following guidelines to create your draft Literature Review (Chapter 2):
1. Using the PICOT question format, identify at least three empirical or scholarly articles (25 articles total) related to the theme in the PICOT question.
2. Use the “Research Article Chart” resource located in the Topic Materials as a guide to: (a) analyze and synthesize the literature into your paper, (b) state the article title, (c) identify the author, (d) state the research question(s), (e) identify the research sample, (f) explain the research methodology, (g) identify the limitations in the study, (h) provide the research findings of the study, and (i) identify the opportunities for practice implementation. For scholarly, nonempirical articles, state the article title and author, and provide a brief contextual summary of the article.
3. Identify at least three subthemes that relate to each theme (six subthemes total).
4. Identify at least three empirical or scholarly articles related to each subtheme (18 articles total). At least one article must demonstrate a quantitative methodology.
5. Write statements that synthesize the three studies for each subtheme based on the information you stated above. You will write six synthesis statements.

Example of how to write a literature review Chapter 2 is the literature review and it should be an integrated review, organized by themes. It should NOT be a listing of one study after another. You should be familiar enough with the literature you gathered so you can connect designs and results across studies. For example
“In the XXX study by JJJ(2018) a population of heart failure patients was involved similar to that of the YYY study by BBB (2017).”
Or “Results of the text message intervention in this study (CCC, 2018) were not in agreement with the results of a similar study by GGG (2016).” 
That is how you integrate literature and demonstrate that you understand the issues across the publications. 

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