PUAD5303: Article 15 Case Study President’s Committee on Administrative Management

Please read article 15, Report of the President’s Committee on Administrative Management (page 114 to page 118). To access the article, please go to <link is hidden> Log in by using: Username: <email is hidden> & Password: slurpee12
Go to Digital Bookshelf (click on ACCESSYOURECONTENT. Click on Classics of Public Administration “ACCESS ETEXT”. Read Article 15 and analyze it.

Instructions on How to analyze this case:

Brief description of the issues/challenges/opportunities 
Explain why the issue is important from a public administration Simply describe why the issue is important. Use an example from current events or your own experience to help illustrate this point. 
Decisions/actions/responses to the issues/challenges /opportunities in the case. 
What lessons from the academic literature can be applied for appropriate solutions. 
Summary: Sum up your main points