Watch the movie 1957 “12 Angry Me”

For this third and final essay, you can choose from the following two prompts:

Option 1: This option is about your own experience in the class over the quarter. Consider, again, the following intellectual virtues:

begin careful and thorough in inquiry
intellectual patience (being patient with yourself and others as you learn new things)
intellectual honesty and humility (being honest with yourself about what you really understand and what you still don’t fully understand)
intellectual courage 
In an approximately 800-1600 word essay, reflect on your experience in this class: What was most challenging, and in what ways was it challenging? What did you most enjoy, and why? Which intellectual virtues did you have to practice the most? Which do you think are most important for your work as a student at UCI? What new ideas, concepts, or insights will you remember and take away from this course?

(NOTE: These prompt questions are intentionally broad so that each student has the opportunity to reflect on his/her own unique experience. Also, your essay should be about 800-1600 words. However, the specific length is not very important. The important thing is to engage thoroughly and thoughtfully in the writing exercise.) 

Option 2: Watch the movie 1957 “12 Angry Me” (available for free on youtube here: This movie is about a jury of 12 men who must vote, “guilty” or “not guilty”, to decide the verdict for a young man who is on trial for the murder. In the course of the movie, the 12 jurors debate and discuss the evidence that was brought to court. The jurors demonstrate various intellectual virtues and intellectual vices in the course of their debate. 

In an approximately 800-1600 word essay, describe the intellectual virtues and the intellectual vices exhibited by the characters. Which virtues are most important for a jury of this sort to have, and why are they most important? What lessons does this movie illustrate about the importance of intellectual virtues more generally? Be specific as you describe certain scenes from the movie and give clear reasons for your position.

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