The Moral Bias Behind Your Google Searches” (TED talk)

“The Moral Bias Behind Your Google Searches” (TED talk)

]Why does Andreas Ekstrom say that Google is great for facts, but problematic for obtaining knowledge? Explain thoroughly. 2] In this same talk, Ekstrom talks about the killer Anders Breivik and says he prepared for three things equally well.  He blew up buildings, shot a group of kids, and .. . .? what was his third step?  How did people on the internet respond? “How to Know If a Source is Reliable (Schmoop)” 3] Why does it matter that the information we use is good, reliable, and honest? “Evaluating Sources – Western University” 4] Identify each letter of the CRAAP test and explain/define what each one means. 5] I am worried about the amount of sugar I consume because many of my family members have diabetes.  I decide to do research to find out what my daily limit of sugar should be.  I go to the COCA COLA website and find an interesting article from 1990 that claims it’s perfectly safe to consume four cans of coke per  day. Does this seem to be a reliable source? Explain why or why not. “MLA In-Text Citations and “Citing Sources MLA Format” 6] What IS an “in-text citation” and what information is included in it? 7] What is the “Works Cited” page and what information is found on it? What sources are available to help you create this page? “The Fallacy Project” The following fallacies are mentioned:  Bandwagon, Slippery Slope, Red Herring, Non Sequiter, Post Hoc, Ad Hominem, Hasty Generalization, and False Authority.  For questions 8-10, choose three of these and define them and give examples of each.  Do a bit of research if you find it helpful.     FINDING SOURCES: The Moral Bias Behind Your Google Searches (TED talk)- 9 minutes

FINDING SOURCES: How to Know if a Source is Reliable (Schmoop)- 6 minutes

FINDING SOURCES: Evaluating Sources: Western University – 2 minutes

CRAPpy song (How to Evaluate a Source for Information)

HELP WITH MLA: MLA In-Text Citations (Step-by-Step Guide)

HELP WITH MLA: Citing Sources in MLA (Purdue Owl, Easy Bib, etc.) – 7 1/2 minutes

HELP WITH MLA: Easy Bib/ MLA8 (This is just a link to the website for your use when you write essays)

HELP WITH MLA: Sample MLA “Works Cited” page (This is just an example for you to use when you type your essay)

LOGICAL FALLACIES: She’s a Witch! (Examples of faulty thinking) -4 minutes

LOGICAL FALLACIES: The Fallacy Project (more examples of faulty thinking) – 6 1/2 minutes
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