Advanced Data Communications Principles Assignment

Advanced Data Communications Principles Assignment.

Aim: This assignment is designed to help you improve your critical thinking and problem solving skills, as well as your information literacy skills (i.e. the ability to select and organise information and to communicate it effectively and ethically). Requirements and Method of Submission: • Answer all of the following questions in a single document. Each question should begin on a new page. • Include your name on the first page. • Include list of references (if any) for each question with proper in-text citations. • Upload your solution to the Assignment Box, located in the subject’s site.

1. Using CRC-8 with generator g(x) = x 8 + x 2 + x + 1, and the information sequence 1000100101. (a) Find the (17, 4) codeword (i.e., codeword is 17 bits, where the message is 10 bits) corresponding to the preceding information sequence. [2 marks] (b) Suppose that the codeword is transmitted with no error. Demonstrate how the receiver extracts the message from codeword? [1 mark] (c) Prove that this generator enables to detect singe bit errors. [1 mark] (c) Assuming that the system detects 2-bit errors, and let the receiver knows there is a single bit error in the transmission. Can the receiver detects the error bit, and thus, obtain the correct message? Defend your answer. [2 mark]

2. The CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of a medium size company noticed the emerging trend of using Internet phone. As chief information officer in the company, you are asked to investigate and write a report on using Internet phone and the company’s existing LAN (Local Area Network) to replace the company’s PBX (Private Branch Exchange). Your report (1000-1500 words length) should minimally include a brief description of the technology, its pros and cons, the conclusion/recommendation of your report, and why. 1 [8 marks]

3. Email spoofing refers to the process of creating and sending email messages with a forged sender address. In this assignment, you are required to send an email to your lecturer in which the sender is your lecturer. Write a comprehensive user manual that shows (step-by-step) how did you create and send the spoofed message (Including references to cites and/or software used). Note that email spoofing is illegal and unethical. You are not supposed to do this for any other purposes (i.e., other than this assignment). [11 marks] 2

Advanced Data Communications Principles Assignment