Different Sides of the Issue Discussion

Different Sides of the Issue Discussion.

Different Sides of the Issue Discussion

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Discussion Topic

Go to page 66 in the textbook and respond to the Thinking Activity 2.7 in essay format.  Be sure to use information from the textbook and at least one other Virtual Library resource to support or expand on your writing. 


From my textbook:

Supporting Diverse Perspectives with Reasons and Evidenence

When you are thinking critically, you can give sound and relevant reasons to back up your ideas. It is not enough simply to take a position on an issue or make a claim; we have to back up our views with other information that we believe supports our position. An important distinction and a relationship exist between what you believe and why you believe it. If someone questions why you see an issue the way you do, you probably respond by giving reasons or arguments you believe support your point of view. For example, consider the issue of whether using a cell phone while driving should be prohibited. As a critical thinker trying to make sense of this issue, you should attempt to identify not just the reasons that support your view but also the reasons that support other views. The following are reasons that support each view of this issue.


-Cell phone use while driving should be prohibited.

Supporting reasons

1. Studies show that using cell phones while driving increases accidents.

-Cell phone use while driving should be permitted. Supporting reasons

1. Many people feel that cell phones are no more distracting than other common activities in cars. 1This activity was developed by Frank Juszcyk.

Now see whether you can identify additional supporting reasons for each of these views on cell phone use while driving. Supporting reasons Supporting reasons 2. 2. 3. 3. 4. 4. Seeing all sides of an issue combines two critical-thinking abilities: Considering issues from different perspectives Supporting diverse viewpoints with reasons and evidence Combining these two abilities enables you not only to understand other sides of an issue but also to understand why these views are held.


Thinking Activity 2.7


For each of the following issues, identify reasons that support each side of the issue. Issue:

Issue: 1. Multiple choice and true/false exams should be given in collegelevel courses.

Multiple choice and true/false exams should not be given in college-level courses.

Issue: 2. Immigration quotas should be reduced. Immigration quotas should be increased.

Issue: 3. The best way to deal with crime is to give long prison sentences. Long prison sentences will not reduce crime.

Issue: 4. When a couple divorces, the children should choose the parent with whom they wish to live. When a couple divorces, the court should decide all custody issues regarding the children.

Different Sides of the Issue Discussion