Attention grabbing and communicates contents of brief

Attention grabbing and communicates contents of brief.

Research Briefs

You will write a research brief, that demonstrates your ability to critically analyze course readings and communicate practical implications for policy makers. Your task is to make connections between course material and its relevance to present-day education issues. These briefs allow you the intellectual space to practice making defensible arguments and/or wrestle with ideas that challenge pre-existing, wide-held beliefs about the significance of race and racism in education.

 Core Elements

Title: Attention grabbing and communicates contents of brief

Executive Summary: 1-2 paragraph summary which provides a clear overview of findings and recommendations. 

Scope of Problem: Frame the paper by communicating the importance of the problem and convincing the reader of the necessity of policy action. 

      o    Explain extent of the problem – is the problem statewide, national, or international? How many people does the issue affect? Who does the issue affect?

Policy Alternatives: critique the current policy approach and explain proposed options.

      o    Discuss impact of current policy

      o    Discuss policy strengths and weakness

      o    Identify alternative solutions

Policy Recommendations: Detailed explanation of concrete steps to be taken to address the policy issue.

Sources: APA or ASA formatted references that you have used throughout your brief.


Briefs should be 3-5 pages single spaced and incorporate each core element

Briefs should be written with a policy decision maker in mind—writing should be concise and well organized.

      o    Use subheadings to organize your writing

Relevant evidence (statistics and research findings) and citations must be used to support all arguments and recommendations. 

      o    Include in-text citations and bibliography (APA or ASA format)

Cover pages and running heads are not required

Attention grabbing and communicates contents of brief

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