Attitudes and Job Satisfaction

Attitudes and Job Satisfaction.

Essay 1- Attitudes and Job Satisfaction

Employee surveys came back at the end of the year, and your scores have dipped. You haven’t experienced any real turnover yet, but you want to prevent that from happening.

Summarize the causes of job satisfaction. Describe a scenario (making up any details you may need) in which your department falls short. In the role of a manager, plan how you might improve job satisfaction for your employees.


Essay Writing Rules:

Analysis of real-world issues is a critical part of this class and effective writing is essential for success in the business world. During the semester you will be asked to write 4 short-writing essays. They are concerning real world issues that are relevant to the material covered in class. The instructions of essays are available on D2L and the due dates are listed in your schedule table as well as on D2L.

Each submission should be 2-4 pages long (only submit your answers–delete these instructions). When writing these essays, please refer to the fatal writing flaws included below. Late papers will never be accepted. You have plenty of warning on when the papers are due, so take into the account the possibility of an emergency and get it done early. For example, your internet being down at the time it is due is NOT a valid excuse. Each essay carries 15 points and only 3 best will be counted into your final grade.

Fatal Writing Flaws

In grading writing submissions, when the “fifth” of any combination of the “flaws” listed below is reached, your paper will be returned with a failing grade. You are strongly encouraged to use the ReWrite Connection on campus to help prevent committing these writing mistakes.

1. Subject/Verb Agreement

2. Rambling/Run-On Sentences

3. Grammatical Errors

4. Poor Sentence Structure

5. Pervasive Spelling Errors (more than a couple typos)

6. Informal or Inappropriate Language

7. No Conclusion

Attitudes and Job Satisfaction

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