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TITLE: CEO Report  


Prepare a 6-8 page report per APA 6th edition standards. This report is for CEO eyes-only, so you must be frank and factual in your report. As is true for any good professional writing, include an introduction and a conclusion summarizing the key points. 


Read the case scenario below. Assume that this incident has occurred in your organization. As an upper level risk manager, you have been tasked with preparing a report to the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the organization. There are three possible outcomes that are yet to be determined, and the CEO wants to be fully prepared for each possibility. 

Case scenario: Following an automobile accident, a 16-year-old boy who had recently escaped from a detention center was brought to the hospital emergency department by ambulance. The patient seemed to be alert and claimed to be suffering withdrawal symptoms from a drug habit. The patient claimed that he participated in a methadone treatment program. The physician administered 40 milligrams of methadone. The patient needed blood but refused it. After being observed in the emergency department for several hours, the patient was placed on a medical-surgical unit for observation. The following morning it was not possible to awaken him, and he was pronounced dead. It was discovered that he had never been an addict or in a methadone treatment program. Rather, the previous night he had been drinking beer and shots of tequila. He had not told this to hospital authorities. His estate sued the physician. Consider the possible outcomes if death were the result of (1) overdose, (2) failure to administer blood, or (3) acute ethanol poisoning.

Select one of the possible outcomes listed above for cause of death and prepare a report, addressing the following:

a. Explain whether the necessary elements are present for a negligence suit in this case.

b. Identify the evidence that would support the plaintiff. 

c. Identify the evidence that would support the organization as defendant.

d. Explain the implications of the patient as a minor child. And how this might be different if he was not a minor.

e. Briefly outline laws and regulations that govern health administration in a wrongful death as it applies to this case.

f. Conclude your report with an action plan. Include possible human resource actions, policy, and procedures to review, disciplinary actions and others that are pertinent to this case.

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