Rogerian Argument Rebuttal Essay

Rogerian Argument Rebuttal Essay.

Eng 120 Rogerian Argument Rebuttal Essay

Introduce a modern topic that is significant in the world. Provide context on your topic and clearly explain a reasonable, commonly accepted claim that has been made regarding this modern issue. Use key terms such as claim, warrant, and support/evidence from the Toulmin argument format in your explanation. Be sure to provide relevant contextual evidence in support of the claim. Label the Toulmin Argument parts Provide relevant contextual support After you have clearly established the validity of your initial claim, convince your audience that it is incorrect. Utilize any means of persuasion that will radically change the perspective of your audience. Address the problems of the opposing side and explain how your new perspective helps to fix them. Use persuasive technique and more extensive contextual support to prove your opposing perspective A common strategy of a Rogerian Argument is to make the opposition feel as though they would benefit by adopting your new counter-claim rather than flat out rejecting their point of view. In order to convince your opposition you often have to persuade them in a way that does not necessarily invalidate their ideas. You catch more flies with honey. The ultimate goal of this essay is to successfully change the mind of a reader who fully supports the initial claim you are refuting. Essay must be MLA formatted including in-text citations and a works cited page Use at least 3 sources from 2018 or later Pages, typed double-spaced TUPed outine bue Tomowg

Rogerian Argument Rebuttal Essay

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