Cyber Security: Hacking as it is defined is illegal

Cyber Security: Hacking as it is defined is illegal.

A Christian point of view and a Christian based approach could be misinterpreted when it comes to areas which are not completely black and white. As humans in a broken world, we often find our selves living in the grey area. In my personal and professional experience, the primary key point is the intention.

Hacking as it is defined is illegal. However, with the permission on the request of the target, it becomes crucial in securing their network. For the ethical hacker, the job is one which is morally justified because it has been proven to be effective in safekeeping and protecting networks (Gowing, n.d.). I believe the main difference is what is done with the data once the ethical hacker has completed their work. Ethical hacking is completed and the data is not removed from the network and not compromised. When a black hat hacker attacks the data is stolen and compromised.

I wonder if the big question is Christian world view or ethical and moral. A very general Christian hypothetical comparison could be murder and stealing. God had armies raised to fight wars, again what is the intention? Thou shall not murder but in wars, people are killed. Another commandment would be stealing and this is where I believe the question of ethical hacking is set apart. The white hats will not steal the information and not break the commandments, where-as the black does steal and is guilty of breaking the commandment.

Gowing, G. (n.d.). Cybersecurity from a Christian worldview. Retrieved from

Cyber Security: Hacking as it is defined is illegal

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