Which region of the Western hemisphere was home to the Moche?

Which region of the Western hemisphere was home to the Moche?.

3) In which area of society did the Teotihuacanos and Maya differ greatly?

A) military

B) government

C) religion

D) commerce

44) There are varying opinions regarding the cause of the collapse of Classic Mesoamerican civilization. Which viewpoint is most widely accepted today?

A) Epidemic disease destroyed Mesoamerican civilization.

B) Natural disasters destroyed Mesoamerican civilization.

C) Internal rebellion destroyed Mesoamerican civilization.

D) Invasion by other Amerind tribes destroyed Mesoamerican civilization.

45) When the first Spanish invaders entered central Mexico, many Amerinds showed great reverence to them because they

A) had just experienced a powerful earthquake and they believed that the gods had sent these messengers from heaven to help them.

B) hoped that the Spanish would help them defeat the Toltecs.

C) were experiencing a great famine, and the Spanish brought plenty of food.

D) believed that this was a fulfillment of Quetzalcoatl’s prophecy.

46) Who was the “feathered serpent”?

A) Hernán Cortés

B) Quetzalcoatl

C) Tania Proskouriakoff

D) Kukulcán

47) The Aztec Empire referred to its artisans by the name

A) Mayan.

B) Chichén.

C) tolteca.

D) quetzal.

48) Which inhabited region of the world is the least thoroughly explored?

A) North America

B) Central America

C) South America

D) Africa

49) About when did hunter-gatherers arrive in the Andes?

A) 7000 B.C.E.

B) 10,000 B.C.E.

C) 1000 B.C.E.

D) 500 B.C.E.

50) Which of the following does NOT accurately portray the landscape of west South America?

A) The Andes mountains are between Chile and Argentina.

B) Earthquakes and mudslides are common.

C) There are numerous active volcanoes.

D) The landscape mirrors the eastern region of the continent.

51) Which of the following does NOT accurately represent Chavín civilization?

A) It was the first Andean society.

B) It had a strong central government.

C) It was a polytheistic civilization.

D) It was a farming civilization.

52) The civilization of Chavín differed greatly from that of Mesoamerica in what way?

A) Chavín lacked a ceremonial center.

B) Chavín was isolated from neighboring cultures.

C) Chavín cannot be considered a civilization.

D) Chavín had no organized religion.

53) Which of the following statements accurately portrays relations between the Nazca and the Moche?

A) They engaged extensively in trade.

B) They frequently engaged in conflict.

C) They eventually combined forces through intermarriage.

D) They eventually combined forces through peace treaties.

54) Which region of the Western hemisphere was home to the Moche?

A) Brazil

B) Peru

C) Mississippi

D) Argentina

Which region of the Western hemisphere was home to the Moche?

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