Does gender influence short-term memory?

Does gender influence short-term memory?.

(The focus of the essay will be: Whether boys or girls are better at remembering specific types of information based on their gender.)

The paper will be a research project that you will complete. You will identify a problem, create a hypothesis as to the reason for the problem, and design an intervention/strategy to solve the problem. You will also discuss your thoughts and experience associated with the project. *Hint—The more you discuss, the better your grade*

Paper graded according to the following criteria:
Clear discussion/identification of problem 10 points 
Hypothesis as to the reason(s) for/development 
of problems and how you believe it should best
be addressed 25 points
Intervention/Strategy designed to resolve 
identifed problem 30 points
Discussion 35 points 
Total: 100 points 

A word about written assignments: I feel it prudent to provide my expectations of written assignments:
• They are well-written and PROOFREAD. Please do not submit work with grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. We are in the time of Microsoft Word; NO ONE should have significant problems in this area. Such errors in both individual papers and discussion boards will result in a lowered grade.
• Quantity is far less important than quality. A well-written document means far more to me than a lengthy, meandering, disorganized manifesto. Succinct is ok; skimpy is not.

Paper should be at least 4 pages long

Does gender influence short-term memory?

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